Our hotel is located in a building from the year 1905. On many places in the building you can find authentic ornaments from that time period. The building was used in the past for different purposes. Purposes like residence for nuns and as a room rental building . The rooms are simple equiped.   They have their own shower and washing-table. Only two single rooms don’t have their own shower in the room, these are located on the hall-way. The toilets are on the hall-way for shared usage. You can book with us directly without agency’s. So without extra booking-costs en provisions. Directly with us.  See below for our contact information
¤  All-In Hotel  ¤  Gasselstraat 1  ¤  5211K.J.  ¤  ‘s-Hertogenbosch  ¤  The Netherlands  ¤ ¤  +31-(0)73-6134057  ¤  kulas@online.nl  ¤ www.allin-hotel.nl ¤
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